Allow us to elevate you to the highest state of dining ecstasy with our sizzling mixed grill of tandoor-cooked meats marinated in masala. Seafood lovers will enjoy our red hot chilli prawns served in a savory onion coriander sauce, or our unique Tandoori pomfret, marinated to perfection in thick yogurt sauce flavored with herbs. Our sumptuous vegetarian fare includes rich creamy kormas, spicy mushrooms and spinach with cottage cheese that melts in your mouth. If style and presentation is what you seek in your dining experience, why not sample our unique Romali Roti or Handkerchief Bread, which is baked on an overturned wok. Simply watching how our chef prepares for the dish is worth the price of admission.

D'Cuisine Restaurants Dishes

Customary nourishment alludes to sustenances and dishes that are gone through generations and furthermore alludes to nourishments expanded over the long haul term of human advancement that has been gone through generations. Traditional sustenances and dishes are conventional in nature and may have a memorable point of reference in a national dish, provincial cuisine or nearby cooking. Conventional sustenances and drinks might be created as natively constructed, by eateries and little producers, and by huge nourishment handling plant facilities.